EZIPOP cardboard brochure holders are the green way to display brochures, leaflets and products at P.O.P.

Our patented products provide on counter advertising information at point of sale that’s easy to use, easy on the environment and easy on your budget. They advertise your message, and information right where your customers make their final purchase decision and make a subtle statement about your organisation’s committment to a greener, smarter world.

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STOP theft of your valuable brochure holders

by MCB

STOP theft of your valuable brochure holders

Brochures are a very effective marketing tool that give you the opportunity to spell out your offer more fully and they’re useful in all types of settings - retail, restaurants, cafes, medical centres, trade shows, government and in office foyers.

And if you display your brochures at the point of purchase (POP); customers can find out more about your product, service or special offer, easily and without obligation, right at the decision point.

Brochures that are loosely placed on a shelf, can be overlooked by customers and become very untidy, then swept away during store cleaning.

Brochure holders display your material professionally

A properly presented brochure holder adds professionalism and appeal to your literature, such as this Parcel Point EZIPOP shown at right.

However brochure holder hijack can defeat your best efforts

Our experience shows that sometimes opposition sales people or merchandisers will take advantage of a clear plastic or unbranded holder to display their company’s material. Sometimes it’s store staff taking advantage of someone else’s display to keep their area tidy.

The following examples show how brochure holder hijack steals your marketing dollar.


The first example shows a GSK plastic holder filled with Medicare information, not that from GSK. 

The second example from a pharmacy, shows how Colgate have supplied an expensive 4 tier plastic holder but it's  being used to display a number of different brochures, none of them from Colgate. 

The third example shows how a Telstra holder is being used to display opposition information from Optus.

So what can you do to prevent such hijacking?

  • Avoid clear plastic holders, even if printed with a logo
  • Always use a well branded brochure display
  • Opt for custom printed holders with all over printing
  • Preferably have the brochure holder graphics work with the brochure

Custom printed EZIPOP brochure holders can be finished in a number of ways, including embossing, foiling and special varnishes to create a stand out display that enhances your product offering. Using our special cardboard EZIPOP displays is eco friendly, cost effective and makes a silent statement to your potential clients about your commitment to the environment.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote to produce EZIPOP brochure holders for your next campaign.